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  • What is MMC an KFC on my College Bill ?
    Kitchen fixed charge (KFC) - Eating together is a central part of the academic community life of the College. To support it, the College maintains extensive facilities and professional staff to ensure it is capable of providing meals to members of the College and their guests on a day to day basis and on special occasions. The KFC is a contribution to the overhead costs of the College catering operation and so helps to keep it all running. Minimum Meals Charge (MMC) - Each term you will pay around £70 MMC ( for 2023/2024) which goes onto your CamCard as credit to be spent in the Buttery (including formals). This is to encourage you to make the most of the facilities and is being run as a trial this year to establish its feasibility.
  • Do I Need a Bike?
    Most Students in Cambridge tend to own a bike during their time here, and this is even more true for students at Fitz. Fitz is considered a 'Hill College' which means it is a bit further out of town than most colleges. Although some students do like to walk everywhere, if you would like to speed up a 20 minute walk into a 5 minute Bike ride, then getting a Bike might be worth it!
  • What's a Matriculation?
    Student's are not considered officially part of the University until they have Matriculated. Traditionally this would mean that all students signed a book, but in the modern world of today it is simply an email! Nevertheless, all freshers still have to attend the Matriculation Dinner (5-course Formal) where they are often sat among their peers and their supervisors to officially welcome them to Cambridge.
  • What's a Formal?
    Formal Hall is a more elaborate dinner in Hall, requiring smart dress and gowns. Meals are served at your table, and attendees may bring guests and bottles of wine.
  • Who do I contact for a general question ?
    If you have a more general question, email the secretary or the Vice-President. Their emails can be found on the committee page.
  • How much are rents going up next year?
    Rents for the Academic Year 2024-2025 will be going up by 5% as agreed by the JCR, MCR and the Bursar in collaboration. However, this increase, is accompanied by a further allocation of the KFC into the MMC (KFC: 55%, MMC:45%). This means that students will be able to spend more of their KFC in their buttery rather than not being able to spend it at all. Every Year the rents do have to go up to minimise the losses the college is making and to keep in line with inflation. The JCR, MCR and the Bursar work together to minimise rental increases through various collaborative meetings and creative solutions. The college offers financial support to students from low-income households, to ensure that they are still able to afford the rent, and afford to live a normal student life. If you need more financial support, or may find it difficult paying rents, please contact your tutor as soon as possible, so they can help find some solution. If you have any other questions about the rental increase, please contact the JCR President at
  • How do I Choose my Accommodation ?
    Freshers: First-year have guaranteed accommodation all located on the main College site. Courts are divided into staircase blocks; room numbers are prefixed by their staircase letter. Rooms are all randomly allocated. All first-year rooms are semi en suite, equipped with a shower and washbasin. All first-year rooms are allocated randomly* and each corridor is occupied by students of a range of different subjects. Returning Students: For all returning students who want to live in college owned accommodation, you must enrol in the ballot administered by the Accommodation Office. Those going into their final years have priority and as such their names are drawn first. Those going into second year have two options: on-site college rooms, off-site college houses. The college runs a separate housing ballot for those who want to try for a house, although if you are unlucky you are automatically enrolled into the room ballot with the rest of your year group. As per tradition, the JCR President gets first pick of all on-site college rooms.
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