Elizabeth Eaton-Banks

About the Vice-President

Hi, my name’s Elizabeth (she/her), and I’m a second year classicist specialising in history, linguistics and literature. Outside of the JCR and my degree, I row with the college boat club, which I started last year, and am a member of the archaeological field club. In my spare time, I like to eat cake in the cafe and chat with my friends.

What the role entails

  • To replace the President and fulfil the President’s duties and responsibilities during any period of incapacity or absence by the President.
  • To replace the President upon their resignation with immediate effect.
  • To assist the President in all matters arising from the President’s duties and responsibilities.
  • To chair JCR Committee meetings in the event of incapacity or absence by the President.
  • To attend the General Purposes Committee and Governing Body, along with the President.
  • To act as the CUSU External Officer for the College when eligible to do so.
  • To work with the Ents Officer to organise the College family system.

Information from the Vice-President

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