About the Vice-President

Hi I’m Barton and I’m your vice- president.  I’m a second year Natsci specialising in physics. I like to play mixed netball and lacrosse. I was treasurer last year and wanted to continue my work on the JCR mainly by supporting Sarah and Philip and the rest of the JCR. My other responsibilities include representing Fitz undergrads at SU council, organising  the college family system (a fun kind of peer mentoring system) and managing the common room e.g. I got a Nintendo switch.

What the role entails

  • To replace the President and fulfil the President’s duties and responsibilities during any period of incapacity or absence by the President.
  • To replace the President upon their resignation with immediate effect.
  • To assist the President in all matters arising from the President’s duties and responsibilities.
  • To chair JCR Committee meetings in the event of incapacity or absence by the President.
  • To attend the General Purposes Committee and Governing Body, along with the President.
  • To act as the CUSU External Officer for the College when eligible to do so.
  • To work with the Ents Officer to organise the College family system.

Information from the Vice-President

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