The JMA stands for the Junior Members Association, and it technically contains all Fitz students. It is run by the JMA Executive Trustees Committee (JMAETC): a committee of Fellows that presides over the assets of the JMA. This committee allocates these funds to the JCR, the MCR and the JMA Clubs and Societies (represented at the JMAETC meetings by the President of Clubs & Societies). The JMAETC also regulates the activity of each of these bodies in accordance with the JMA Constitution and other College policies.

Maya Hodgson

About the Sports and Societies President

Hey, I’m Ellie and I’m the current President of Fitz Clubs & Societies. I’m a second year english student.

Bethany Haran

About the Sports and Societies Vice-President

Hi, my name is Sophie and I am the sports and societies vice-president! I am also a second year vet.

What the role of President entails

  • Primarily represent Fitz students on the JMA and push to gain funding for student clubs and societies.
  • Make changes to college policies and allocate individual sports funding to university players.
  • Oversee all of our clubs and societies, ensuring everything runs smoothly from a health & safety, welfare and funding perspective.
  • Organise a few Fitz events, including Sports Dinner, Billy Day and the Freshers Fair.
  • Oversee the college gym.
  • Overall, aim to give everyone the opportunity to get involved in Fitz’s clubs and societies and celebrate their success.

What the role of Vice-President entails

  • To represent over 200 Fitzwilliam Clubs and Societies and build firm connections between Fitzwilliam and Cambridge University Sport Centre.
  • To run the @fitzsportsandsocs Instagram page we created last year. (Make sure to follow!) 
  • To organise events such as Fitz Sports Day and our Annual Sports Dinner. 
  • To reach out to charities and corporate sponsors in the organisation of charity events. 
  • To communicate with JMA president and senior members of college.