About the Secretary

Hi! I’m Noah, a first-year MMLer (French and German) from Norwich and your JCR Secretary. In my free time, I’m an avid musical theatre performer and can usually be seen spending way too much money in central Cambridge cafés. As your JCR Secretary, my job’s to get your ideas and important information communicated as smoothly across college as possible. I’m also responsible for letting you know of any upcoming events or opportunities happening in and around Fitz. Do come and chat if there’s anything you want to promote or get on the JCR meeting agenda as it’s with your feedback that we can make Fitz the best it can possibly be!

About the Social Media Officer

Hey, I’m Aiden and I’m the Social Media officer for the JCR! I’m a second year Psychological and Behavioural Science student. I love doing anything creative, playing video games and working out. My role is to manage the social media accounts for the JCR and especially making sure that info on what we’re doing is accessible to the rest of the student body. I’m also here to post about events going on in college so feel free to message the Fitz JCR Instagram or me on Facebook if you ever want to advertise anything!

What the roles entail


  • To coordinate the dates and times of Committee meetings.
  • To prepare the agenda for meetings in consultation with the presiding officer and to circulate these to all JCR committee members.
  • To take the minutes of each meeting.
  • To ensure minutes are available within four days of each meeting.
  • Minutes should be made public to JCR members e.g. posted on the JCR website.
  • To deal with all routine correspondence.
  • To work with the Social Media Officer to ensure effective communication with the student body.
  • To attend the College Communications committee.

Social Media Officer

  • To work with the Secretary to ensure effective communication with the student body.
  • To manage the JCR’s social media profiles

Information from the Secretary

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