About the Presidents

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m one of the JCR Presidents this year! I’m also a 3 year classicist on the 4 year course with an interest in Latin literature and art history. In my spare time I sing with Fitz Choir and lift in the gym. Mine and Philip’s role is to lead the JCR committee and be the student representative at many college meetings. I can usually be found in the Fitz cafe and am happy to chat about the changes you want to see in Fitz!

What the role entails

  • To promote the proper functioning of the Committee and ensure good governance of the JCR as a whole.
  • To represent the policies, decisions and interests of the JCR on behalf of the Committee, and the JCR members to the College committees, the students and to any other body which they deems appropriate.
  • To chair JCR Committee meetings and any Open meetings.
  • To adjudicate in all matters pertaining to JCR activities not covered by these Standing Orders.
  • To conduct JCR elections in a transparent and democratic manner.

Information from the Presidents

Get in contact with the Presidents

If you wish to publish/advertise in our bulletin please contact the secretary who will be happy to do this for you!