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My job is to represent the views of all Fitz students who self-identify as disabled or having a disability (mental or physical), but I'm also here to provide confidential, non-judgmental support with any issues you might be having, big or small. Feel free to send me an email with the contact form below, or to message me on Facebook.

There are also some really good links and resources further down the page that you can take a look at.

-Keri McIntyre - jcr.disabilities@fitz.cam.ac.uk

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It is a well known fact and often reported in the student press that Cambridge is a high pressure environment. Courses are designed to be difficult and push us intellectually, whilst students on the whole need to make time for the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available. We all know this and expect it, but with the challenges of settling into a new city, managing workloads and learning new experiences, your time at Cambridge can present a challenge to your mental health.

Mental health problems range from the worries we all experience as part of everyday life to serious long-term conditions. The majority of people who experience mental health problems can recover them or learn to cope with them, especially if they get help early on.

No one should have to face a mental health problem alone. If you are facing difficulties with your emotional or mental health, and are looking for support, there are a wide range of services in place to help you. There is absolutely no shame in looking after your mental well-being, particularly if you find your day-to-day life hampered by illness, so please tell someone if you believe this is the case for yourself or someone you know. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition at some time during their lives, we are committed to tackling the stigma around mental illness and raising awareness of the need for everyone to look after the mental wellbeing of themselves and those around them.

In February 2015, Dr. David Crepaz-Keay (Head of Empowerment and Social Inclusion at the Mental Health Foundation) visited Fitz to discuss issues such as stigma in mental health, coping with mental illness during education, medication in dealing with mental illness and his own personal experiences in dealing with mental health issues such as schizophrenia. You'll find useful information about this on the Facebook event here.

On a purely practical note, if you think you're suffering from a mental illness which is encumbering your ability to work, let your tutor, a JCR member or healthcare professional know as soon as possible. This will make the process easier should you need any exam allowances.

For more information on study resources, including information on arrangements for exams, see the college website.

General Mental Health Resources

Please see the welfare page for more information.