Here's a handy breakdown of the nitty-gritty of college life 


The laundry is found at the bottom of F staircase. It contains ten washing machines, six tumble dryers, and an electric iron and board. The washers and dryers are token-operated and enormous so it sometimes makes sense to find someone to share the load with (or save up your laundry and do a massive bunch at once). Washing and drying tokens may be purchased from the Porters’ Lodge or the cafe (you’ll probably need two drying tokens to dry a load). Washing tokens are £2.00 and drying tokens £0.40. Don’t forget to bring your own washing powder – capsules are probably best.  

Here are some extremely patronising hints to make the whole laundry process as painless as possible for those who previously left it to mum and dad:  


General Info

Please see here for a guide to undergraduate finance and funding from the JCR Treasurer.

College Bill

Your college bill is the first thing you receive when you arrive, and the last thing you get before you graduate. How poetic. A full break down of the bill is available on the college website.

All food and drink in college – including drinks at the college bar – can be paid for using your college card instead of cash, so it’s easy to spend more than you realise: keep an eye on your spending to avoid a nasty shock when your next college bill arrives! 

The Cost of Living

The Bursar suggests a termly budget of around £1000, to cover food, books, and entertainment etc., outside the regular charges to your college bill. Obviously this depends heavily upon your lifestyle and circumstances: drink only water and you might not need so much; drink only champagne and you might need a little more. This handy page on the college website gives some examples of the typical expenses of Fitz students.

Where Can I Get Money?

All this may sound like a lot but fortunately there are a number of different ways to bolster your bank account and bypass bankruptcy while at Cambridge:

There are also many grants, funds and prizes available to Fitzwilliam students, which can be found on the college website here. Fitzwilliam offers:

There's a big pdf with all the different Fitz funds detailed here (or click for shortcuts to Academic Scholarships and Prizes, Subject Funds, Undergraduate Maintenance Funds, Undergraduate Travel Awards, Music and Drama Funds, Sports Funds, Other Funds and Prizes)

Lost Property

If you have lost anything, your first port of call should be the Porters' Lodge, followed by the Accommodation and Housekeeping department in L Block. The official college policy is that they will hold the lost property for 3 months, after which it is given to charity.

If you left something in the bar, lost property is often kept behind the bar for the following day or two.

We are currently working on installing an option on MyFitz that will allow students to report missing items.