About the Trans and NB Officer

Hi, I’m Percy (he/they), a second year Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student. Apart from being on the Fitz JCR committee, I’m also on the committee for the LGBTQ+ soc here at Fitz. In my spare time (which to be honest there is not a whole lot of at Cambridge), I enjoy meeting up with the Doctor Who society who have weekly watch parties, going to the theatre and playing DnD with my friends. My role is to represent the interests of trans and non-binary students at Fitz, helping college to become a more trans-inclusive space through active communication with staff, societies, and the student body along with LGBTQ+ focused events run with the LGBTQ+ officer. If you’re questioning your gender, confused about transition support in Cambridge, or just want to moan about transphobes for a bit, send me an email and I’m always happy to have a chat and offer guidance and support where it’s needed!

What the role entails

  • To represent the views of LGBT+ Students at Fitzwilliam College.
  • To support and develop campaigns related to issues faced by LGBT+ Students.
  • To raise awareness amongst students about issues faced by LGBT+ Students.

Information from the LGBT+ Officer

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