About the International Officer

Hello, I’m Nathan and I’m the international “co-officer” with Matthew. I’m currently studying 2nd year bio natsci. Alongside tight curricula I like to play all sorts of sports and really enjoy watching good movies. As one of the international officers, I will focus my work on enhancing life quality for international students at fitz, by organising multiple activities in cooperation with entertainment officers. We will also try our best to improve awareness of equality in our college and combat discriminations in any form. Feel free to have a chat with me and express any issues concerning life as an international student @Dongyu Jin or contact through the form below. See it, say it, sort it lol.

What the role entails

  • To represent the views of International students at Fitzwilliam College.
  • To support and develop campaigns related to issues faced by International students.
  • To raise awareness amongst students about issues faced by International students.

Information from the International Officer

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