Your CRSid stands for ‘Common Registration Scheme Identifier.’ Your CRSid is your login name used to identify you on Cambridge online services. It also forms the start of your standard Cambridge email address. For example, you can also contact me at

Email is the main way of communication in Cambridge through Raven, the University wide web authentication service. The college, course organisers and supervisors will frequently contact you by email so make sure you check it regularly. The Fitz JCR also sends out emails such as the weekly Billy Bulletin and other updates. Your Ravin login is needed to access all of your Cambridge accounts, including Moodle, CamSIS etc. Microsoft Outlook is where you will access your emails, calendar and more. It is useful to download it on your phone as well.

In late August, will you be sent an email from the Student Registry containing information how to complete your student registration. Once that is complete, you will be given a link to your CRSid.

CamSIS is Cambridge’s system for handling student information, records and transactions. It is also where you can access your student record, from application all the way to graduation, and your official Unviersity and College transcripts. Access it through Raven using your CRSid.

Eduroam is the Wi-Fi service that allows you to connect your laptop and smart phone to the internet while in Cambridge. It should be available in all colleges, faculty buildings and other university departments. It is also accessible on the campuses of most universities in the UK and across Europe. To login to Eduroam, you’ll need to collect your network access token at Your ‘Eduroam identifier’ is your CRSif followed by

Apart from your Cambridge emails, you will be using Facebook a lot for information, groups, group chats and messaging so definitely get it if you haven’t already. A lot of informal student communication and organisation for societies is done through there. A lot of things related to college get posted on ‘Official Fitz Group’ – if you haven’t been added to this yet, message a JCR Committee member!

If you need a VPN to access Facebook, Google Form or other sites, Cambridge provides one at