Welcome to Fitz Ents, where you'll find everything you need to know about what exciting things are happening and when. It's almost time to release the brand new Freshers' Week timetable, so stay tuned for updates and info - can't wait to see you all in October!

As the Ents Team, we’re basically the undergraduate party-planners, organising things such as the Freshers and Re-freshers weeks, Superhalls, critically-acclaimed Ents and of course our legendary Bops. We want everyone to have a world where there are no essay crises, where all us Billygoats can roam wild and free, able to socialise with others across college and beyond.

Our aim for this year is to get as much input from you as possible – whether you want help setting up a new event, have advice on how we could improve current events, believe we are slacking, or would just like to tell us what a fab job we’re doing – contact us using the form below. Make sure to get in touch.

There's also some info about club nights in Cambridge at the bottom of this page.

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Fitz Bops are undoubtedly a highlight of the social calendar. They happen twice a term on average - your friendly Ents team transform the bar into a make-shift club. Bops are about having fun and the more outrageous the fancy dress the better (they’re sort of like school discos – but a lot lot better). We’ll be playing everyone’s favourite tunes, from the Lion King and the Friends theme tune to Livin’ on a Prayer: you request it, we play it. So whether you want to dance the night away with your friends or have a chilled drink with some music, Bops are the place to be.


Every Wednesday and Friday you will have the opportunity to book into formal hall in the buttery. Here you will wear your finest garments, gown up and be served a three course meal along with a bottle of wine of your choice.

Superhalls are formals that are thrown for special occasions where instead of gowning up you don your best fancy dress (with the exception of Fitzmas - gowns are required for Fitzmas!). They’re all about having fun with your friends and bonding on these momentous occasions.

Currently we have the following Superhalls - Family Superhall, Halloween Superhall, Marriage Formal Superhall (and Fitzmas). We'd love to hear your suggestions for Superhalls you'd like to see us do!

Fitz Up Look Sharp

Occurring twice a year Fitz Up Look Sharp (FULS) is the biggest event put on by your team. Months of planning culminate in this fantastic evening filled with DJs, live acts and amazing drinks deals all inside our auditorium. This is one not to miss.

Club Nights

There are four main clubs in Cambridge that you’ll encounter. Confusingly, two are not known by their actual names. There’s Life (actually called Vinyl, was called Kuda until 2018), Cindies (actually called Ballare), Lola Lo and Fez which are the most popular. Revs is the main alternative.

The Ents team have club tickets just for you! We sell Lolas tickets for Mon/Thurs, Cindies tickets for Tues/Weds and Fez tickets for Weds (message Henry Sainsbury on FB / DM us at @fitzwilliaments)! Fitz also has a separate Sunday Life rep so get in touch with the lovely Leeron Haffner if you want those. Every so often there are alternative events such as Arc Soc and Turf, who bring in some pretty big DJs (a few years ago they had DJ Bone, Prosumer, Ben UFO and Floating Points to name a few).


Sunday night is arguably the biggest night out of the week, which will a surprise to your friends at other Unis! There are a fair few options for you this time. Notoriously, Sunday night is pretty popular with society swaps, which tend to culminate in Life, so be prepared for cheesy songs and boys in matching ties and blazers. If that’s not your scene, then CREEM run a pretty good alternative night at Fez, which has the same sort of music as you’d find on a Thursday. If neither of these are getting you excited, then Big Fish runs a pretty good night at Lola’s, although this is admittedly a lot less popular than Fez and Life. Wherever you go, you can be sure of a fantastic post-night out portion of cheesy chips at Van of Life or Gardies.


The only night out on a Monday is at Lolas - popular with ARU students and run by Big Fish. Not the biggets night out but can be very good fun, especially after a formal or Bop at college.


Pretty much the only night out on a Tuesday is Cindies, which is run by Big Fish. This doesn’t make it any less fun though! Playing all the usual Cindies classics, this night is a good laugh and usually has a big fresher turn out.


The (in)famous Wednesday Cindies is another of Cambridge’s biggest nights. Despite playing each song for about 45 seconds due to licensing issues, and their weekly renditions of the cheesiest songs to grace any club (Lion King anyone?), this is much loved by students, especially after a few Jaegerbombs! Tickets are very hard to get hold of and queues can be long, so get in touch with us quickly to secure your tickets each week!


Thursday nights in Cambridge are generally pretty divided between Lola Lo’s and Fez. If you’re looking for another dose of cheese after two nights in Cindies, then Lola’s is the place for you, with three floors playing a mixture of classic tracks and top 40 dance hits. If you’re looking for something a bit different, Fez is also pretty popular on this night, playing a mix of house, garage and R&B.


Friday nights tend to be pretty busy, seeing as both students and locals alike flock to either Fez or Life. Life on a Friday used to be fairly similar to what you’d find on a Sunday music-wise, but with the new management and rebranding, tends to feature more 70s and 80s music among your usual pop hits. Fez, however, puts on another more alternative night called ‘Propaganda’, playing a mix of alt rock and indie tunes. Either way you’re guaranteed a good time (particularly with McDonalds being open 24 hours at the weekend - yay!!!).


In preparation for a big night on Sunday, Saturdays tend to be a little quieter. However, if you’re up for a night out then you’re not short of things to do. Most popular amongst students is Wetherspoons (dubbed ‘dangerspoons’ due to the amount of locals in attendance), which has cheap and cheerful drinks and a dance floor. If you’re feeling brave, head to Cindies for a more expensive but no less fun night out.