Percy Hartshorn

About the Ents Officer

Hi, I’m Percy (he/they), a second year Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student. Apart from being on the Fitz JCR committee, I’m also on the committee for the LGBT+ soc here at Fitz which I have found is a great way to make friends as well as contributing to the welcoming atmosphere at Fitz. In my spare time (which to be honest there is not a whole lot of at Cambridge), I enjoy meeting up with the Doctor Who society who have weekly watch parties, going to the theatre and playing DnD with my friends.

What the role entails

  • To organise social activities for junior members of the College.
  • To inform JCR members of upcoming JCR events.
  • To organise the JCR handover dinner.
  • To appoint and lead an Ents Committee.
  • To lead on the planning for freshers week.
  • To work with the vice president to organise the college family system

Information from the Ents Officer

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