A Message from your Disabilities Officer

My job is to represent the views of all Fitz students who self-identify as disabled or having a disability, but I'm also here to provide confidential, non-judgmental support with any issues you might be having, big or small. Feel free to send me an email with the contact form below, or to message me on Facebook. 

There are also some really good links and resources further down the page that you can take a look at.

- Keri McIntyre - jcr.disabilities@fitz.cam.ac.uk

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There is a JCR guide to Fitzwilliam College for incoming and prospective students with (mental) health issues and disabilities, which you can check out here in different formats:

To view Fitzwilliam's Accessibility Info please - Click Here

Disability Resource Centre (DRC):  If you have disclosed a diability or learning difficulty to the university, you can get an adviser at the DRC so get in touch so they can allocate you one. They provide a lot of resources and can give you access to personal tutors, advice, hold specialised talks and focus groups, provide loans for specialised equipment, and provide information on grants and bursaries for disabled students.

If you suspect you have a learning disability of impairment of another kind, they will have a lot of advice.

Their contact details are:

Nightline (formerly Linkline): Service available to all students during full term and useful for talking through problems that you might be having. It's run by volunteers, and can be completely anonymous if you wish. They can listen to any of your concerns when other support methods are perhaps unavailable.  Their number is 01223 744 444 and is available between 7am and 7pm. Alternatively, they are on Skype with the name ‘cambridge.nightline’. You can email them at email@cambridge.nightline.ac.uk (your email address is automatically hidden from the message) or chat online at https://cambridge.nightline.ac.uk/getsupportnow.html

CUSU Disabled Students Campaign: CUSU campaign representing all disabled students and combating discrimination throughout the University. The Disabled Students’ Liberation Campaign supports the interests of its members through information sharing, organising and campaigning. If you would like more information or would like to take part in any activities, Click here and sign up to their mailing list. There is a private Facebook group here for students with disabilities, health conditions, mental health concerns and any related issues - you are very welcome to join!

Find mental health support in Cambridge: Student Minds have made this excellent website to help you navigate the support available to you - check it out here!

We have some great resources for mental health on our Welfare page here!