Here's a run down on the Fitz JCR team for 2021. Please check out our pages on the website for more information and use the contact form here to quickly and easily get in touch with us about anything on your mind. Below, you'll also find each officer's manifesto that they delivered at hustings.


President - Joshan Parmar


Vice President - Mayuran Visakan

Hi! I'm Mayuran and I'm a second year studying maths from Sheffield! I'm the Vice-President this year which involves organising the housing and room ballots within college as well as organising college families and assisting the President with anything they need. I'm the executive of the Logistics subcommittee which involves the COVID officers and the services officers. If you have any questions for me at all, please do feel free to get in touch via the email above!


Treasurer - Alex Harper

Hi, I'm Alex, a first year bio natsci.
I'll be taking care of the budget this year and making sure its divided up and managed properly, as well as a few other initiatives such as some more stash and working on rent band reform. Reach out to me if you have any questions!



Male Welfare Executive - Colin McCann

Hi, I'm Colin, the Male and NB Welfare Executive for 2021. I'm a first year Engineer from Southampton. I look after everyone's welfare as members of the JCR, which involves working with college on policy, signposting people toward help, and organising events to benefit the Fitz community. The execs work as a pair so Thalia and I are super happy to be a source of help to anyone and everyone, but we also have an amazing subcommittee to provide more details on specific welfare needs. 

Feel free to send me/Thalia and do check out the welfare support tab for lots of helpful links and welfare supplies!


Female Welfare Executive - Thalia Witherford

Hello, I'm Thalia, the Female and NB Welfare Executive for 2021. I'm a first year English student. 

As part of the Welfare Team, a group of dedicated people-minded individuals, I help to organise welfare events and resources around college. We want to improve Fitz to make it as welcoming as its reputation for inclusivity suggests. There is still work to be done and as we do it we will be supporting you with anything you need so contact us whenever about whatever, no problem is too small or too big!  


BME Officer - Aye Omatsuli, Gareth Effiom


Women's and Non-Binary Officer - Erin Gerrity

Hey, I’m Erin, a second year bio natsci and your Women’s and Non-Binary Officer for 2021.

My job is to represent the interests of females+ at Fitz in JCR affairs. This year I want to help bring people at Fitz, particularly women and other marginalised genders, together – whether this is at in-person events or virtually!!

Feel free to message me on FB or drop me an email (ekg32) if you have any ideas/suggestions, or just for a chat!


International Officer - Natasha Huang

Hey, I'm Tash! I'm the International Officer and a first year studying PBS from Sydney, Australia. Having experienced the excitement and challenges of starting university in a foreign country, I am dedicated to ensuring that every international student feels like they belong at Fitz. I work closely with welfare and other members to provide constant communication and support as well as run fun events to help foster a rich international community. I would love to help support you, be a friendly face in college and share that Billy Pride!

Feel free to contact me for ideas, questions or for a chat on or Natasha Huang on Facebook 🙂 


Disabilities and Mental Illness Officer - Keri McIntyre

Hi! I'm Keri, and I'm a second-year English student. In my JCR role I am responsible for representing the interests of disabled students in College. I also work with the rest of the Welfare subcommittees and College administration to set up accessible events and ensure adequate accessibility support is available for those who need it. 

Feel free to email or message me if you have any disability-specific questions, or just want to chat about accessibility!


LGBT+ Officer - Isabelle Woodford


Class Act Officer - Freya Prince

Hi, I’m Freya! I’m a first year musician and this year’s Class Act officer. This means I’m here to support people who are working class, young carers, care-leavers, state school educated, low income, first generation, or estranged. I am a young carer from a Requires Improvement northern state school, so I personally know how much Class Act can help with tackling life in Cambridge. 

From running events to help us all meet each other, to meeting up for a coffee if you need some advice or a friendly face, I hope to spend this year helping the CA community at Fitz. 

Feel free to get in touch with me any time on this email or Freya Prince on Facebook.


Target and Access

Target and Access Executive - Natalie Thompson

Hi, I'm Natalie and I'm a second-year Historian and the Target and Access Executive. I'm responsible for both ensuring that Fitz is presented to prospective applicants as a friendly and welcoming college, and liaising with Welfare and Class Act to ensure students from 'access backgrounds' are represented in college.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions, or if you'd just like to chat about access!


Access Subcomm - Sakhina Benkmael, Temitope Bolaji, Ali Khalid

Hey, I’m Sakhina! I’m a first-year HSPS student and one of the Target & Access Officers. My job entails ensuring that Fitzwilliam is an inclusive and diverse college, encouraging students from ‘Access’ backgrounds to apply and working on new ways to support these students. This year I am really determined to achieve the things stated on my manifesto, support the Target & Access Executive however I can, and work with the other Access officers/executives to ensure Fitzwilliam is the most welcoming space for current and prospective students that it can be.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message on Facebook or drop me an email (sb2450) if you have any queries/concerns/suggestions or want to have a chat 😊


Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Executive - Emilia Silaste

Hi, I'm Emilia and I'm a second-year Historian. As Academic Affairs Executive I'm responsible for supporting students with their studies, whether that's pointing you in the direction of helpful resources or raising concerns you have with college. Work (rightly or wrongly) tends to dominate our time here so it's really important to me that we all feel supported enough to face it!

Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime if you have any Academic Affairs related questions or concerns!


Ethical Affairs

Ethical Affairs Executive - Elizabeth Torley


Charities Officer - Yasmin Adam, Charlotte Malaley


Green Officer - Hannah Harrison

Hi! I’m Hannah, a second-year geographer and your Green Officer for this academic year.   

Making environmentalism as accessible as possible is essential in tackling the climate emergency. I’m keen to do so by providing the Fitz community with resources to get involved with climate action, as well as information on environmental policies and activist groups. If this interests you, be sure to check out on Instagram which will be launching at the start of Lent term, and look out for the green events I'll be running throughout the year! I'm super excited to work with Ethical Affairs and the student body in making Fitz a greener and more sustainable place to be. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send me an email.  


Services Officer - Athena Ham, Holly Hodges

Hi, we’re Athena (second-year medic) and Holly (second-year PBS) and we’re your Services Officers this year! As part of our role, we work to ensure that the College Buttery and Cafe/Bar caters to the student body’s food and drink preferences, while being healthy and environmentally sustainable. We are also responsible for making sure that accommodation and laundry services are fair and accessible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or feedback.



Ents Executive - Louis Henry

Hi I'm Louis, a first year Historian! I'll be responsible for organising and putting on social events at Fitz this year! This is going to be a really tough year to do our normal things like Bops, Fitz Up or Fitz Sessions but the Ents Officers and I have some good plans ready for Lent term making sure everyone not at college doesn't miss out  as well as some great ideas for when we're hopefully back at college for Michaelmas and when we can do some in-person things! Regardless of any event being online or offline, I'll do my best to ensure things actually happen and that you all enjoy them!

Please get in touch with me about any ideas for any sort of event, we don't want anyone feeling there are no events for them and the best way to prevent this is to simply hear feedback and ideas!


Ents Subcomm - Abi Chapman, Natalie Rose, Tejas Easwar, Ceci Power, Simpson Tam

Hi I'm Tejas. I'm a first year medic and one of the Ents Officer this year! I'm really looking forwards to doing some fun events for you all this year! Feel free to speak or message me about any ideas you have for events this year.

Hi, I'm Natalie! I'm a second year studying Veterinary Medicine and I'm one of this year's Ents Officers. Hopefully we'll be able to organise events in person as well as online this year. Please get in contact if you have any ideas!



Secretary & Communications Executive - Sarah Anderson

Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm a first year classicist and JCR Secretary this year. I'm responsible for organising the JCR meetings, running the JCR social media accounts and sending the weekly Billy Bulletin. If you have any announcements or advertisments that you would like including on either of those channels please get in touch!


Publications Officer - Tommy Gilhooly


Website Officer - Alexander Hood

Hi, I'm Alex, a second year Computer Scientist. I'm responsible for maintaining this website, as well as the online accounts which the JCR uses, and ensuring that they are useful and up-to-date resources for all students. I'm also responsible for running the technical side of the room ballot.

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding Fitz's online presence - it would be great to hear from you!


Sports and Societies

President of Sports and Societies - Martha Bowsher


Vice President of Sports and Societies - Ella George, Kai Men


Gym Officers - Pete Atkin, Jessie Hodges, Emily Bell


COVID officers - Kathryn Spencer, Miriam Lay