About the Class Act Officer

Hi, my name is Milosz and I’m the Class Act Officer! I’m a second-year HSPS (Social Anthropology) student, and aside from work I enjoy chatting to my friends, travelling, browsing pinterest, and taking photos 🙂 My role is to ensure that all students from a ‘Class Act’ background are represented and seen, as well as organising social activities. I am here for all students who face or have faced marginalisation or difficulties surrounding class, financial problems, and any related issues such as ‘imposter syndrome’. I’m particularly keen to support students with bursary/grant applications and vacation storage needs. Feel free to contact me on instagram @fitzclassact, or email: jcr.classact@fitz.cam.ac.uk

What the role entails

  • To represent the views of students from a “Class Act” Background at Fitzwilliam College.
  • To support and develop campaigns related to issues faced by students from a “Class Act” Background.
  • To raise awareness amongst students about issues faced by students from a “Class Act” Background.

Information from the Class Act Officer

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