President's Address

Hi, and welcome to the Fitzwilliam JCR website! I'm Joshan, a 2nd year maths student and for 2021, the JCR President. The JCR (Junior Combination Room) is the undergraduate 'student union' at Fitz, and is responsible for organising events, projects and schemes to improve the life of students at Fitz. The JCR is run by a team of 10 executives and 20 officers, elected annually.

Fitzwilliam College traces its roots to 'Fitzwilliam House'. Established in 1869, Fitzwilliam House was a non-collegiate body to provide access to the University of Cambridge to students who could not afford the fees of College membership. It is this progressive culture that has made the modern Fitzwilliam College the open, friendly and diverse community that it is today. All talents are fostered here, be that academic, sporting, musical, dramatic, artistic, or otherwise, trust me, you will find a society for you. If not, you will find support to start a society of your own!

Fitzwilliam College is a huge organisation with countless departments and committees, causing even seemingly simple tasks to require a substantial amount of work from staff, students and fellows. The College are very keen for student involvement when making decisions, and enthusiastically work with the JCR to constantly improve.

The JCR Committee always has lots of plans for the future. Whether it's student welfare, rents and housing, the ethics of the College, or just putting on the greatest ever Bop, the JCR is always working on it. Maintaining the friendly atmosphere around Fitz has always been our mission, and if anything troubles you, I urge you to please take advantage of the website's (optionally anonymous) contact form, or email me at

To keep up to date with the happenings of the JCR, please like our page on Facebook which will post our latest events, campaigns, and projects. You can also join the Official Fitz Group Facebook Group if you are a current student to keep up to date with everything to do with Fitz students!

As a JCR, we are largely governed by two key documents:

All agendas and minutes can be found in the JCR archive. If you wish to access more information concerning the JCR, please feel free to contact me. If you wish to contact any of the JCR Officers, please use the following link. I'd love to hear your ideas, no matter how bonkers/serious. Together, we can make sure Fitz is a safe, friendly, fun community for all of us to work and play.

– Joshan Parmar, 2021 JCR President

JCR Budget

The budget for this year is available from this folder. For archived budgets from previous years, see here.

JCR Meetings

You’re invited to attend all of the meetings of the committee. These are usually held in the Upper Hall, with meeting times sent out via the JCR bulletin.

An agenda is circulated in advance of the meetings.

Decision Making

Once the JCR has decided to pursue a particular course of action it then has to try and get changes through College. It’s a massive organisation with various departments and committees and sometimes simple changes can be instant, whilst more complex ones (or seemingly easy ones!) require consultation and take time.

That being said, it’s clear that College authorities are extremely keen on consulting with and having representation from the student body. Fitz is an incredibly well run College and the staff here are both friendly and sympathetic to student needs. As a result they're genuinely enthusiastic about working with us to constantly improve - making it a more comfortable and friendly place to both work and play.

Agendas for the various college meetings can be found in the JCR's archive. If you want any more information on what specifically was discussed, please contact the JCR President.