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The College website

This is a bit of an obvious one. Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need about the college, including current news. Some of the most useful pages (in my opinion) are the college term dates, buttery and cafe menus and accomodation information.

You’ll be required to login via Raven. Here, you are able to see a calendar of upcoming meetings or events as well as other useful information and documents.

You are able to book tutor, DoS or senior tutor meetings (under the Students tab) as well as sign up to gym slots (after you’ve gone through a gym induction), award forms and fill out a room inventory to say say if everything in your accomodation is okay.

You can also submit HelpDesk tickets, e.g. if you have a problem with something in your accomodation or are having IT problems. A member of college staff will then try and fix whatever issue you have, the ticket will be closed once completed and you will be emailed a reciept.

Your termly bill will be paid via a secure link sent to you by email. However, this website allows you to see and pay for everything you are spending at the buttery or cafe (everything you pay for using your camcard) known as your EPOS charge, you’ll need to sign in using Raven. Note: If you don’t pay for your EPOS charge, the amount you spend will simply be added to your next termly bill. Most importantly (and confusingly), this is also where you are able to book formals!

CamSIS is Cambridge’s system for handling student information, records and transactions. It is where you can access and update all the personal information the university holds about you. You will be required to fill out a survey every term here, in which you can comment on your course DoS and supervisors. This is also where you will find your exam timetable, results and transcripts, from your first year up until graduation!

Again you will need to login via Raven, Here, you will find your termly reports your supervisors will submit about you, providing feedback and a measure of your progress, interest and estimated class.

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