Café and Bar

The café is a popular place in college where students often go to eat, chat or study. It is open from 8am-6pm and serves a selection of food and drinks, all at a cheap price. In the evening, the space becomes a bar where you can get a selection of drinks such as Fitz Lager. Everything can be paid for on your college card.


The buttery is the dining hall open throughout term and lunchtime from 12pm-1:30pm and for dinner from 6pm-7pm. On weekends, there is brunch served from 11:30am-1:30pm. The menu and prices are here. Generally meals can range from £3-£5 and you can either eat in the buttery or have takeaway. Bring your own takeaway containers as an environmentally better and cheaper option.

The buttery is also where formal halls take place, which are nice ways to have dinner in a fancy way where your dinner is served. It’s a popular way to celebrate birthdays or treat guests, subject to college rules. Everyone dresses in formal wear and their gown. You book a ticket in advance using the online billing service, and you can also buy tickets for guests. Request any special dietary needs by then. It starts at 7:30pm.

There may also be superhalls which are themes fancy dress events such as for Halloween, Christmas and to meet the college family. Be sure to buy tickets early as they sell out quickly.


We have a gym in college which you can access through the college carpark near the porter’s lodge. It is free to use as long as you go to a gym induction. It has 2 levels with barbell and dumbbell free-weights downstairs, cable and weight machines on both levels, two rowing machines, bikes, crossfit and treadmills.

Squash Courts

In the same building as the Gym, there are 2 squash courts available for free use when you book.

Oxford Playing Fields

5 min walk away from college is our sports fields on Oxford Road which is often used for trainings or games, and is available for anyone to use. It has concrete tennis/netball courts, football pitches, cricket pitches and a rugby pitch.

Sports Teams

Fitz has many sports teams where you can play casually at a college level against other colleges such as athletics, netball, rowing, football, rugby, ultimate frisbee and more! Early in the academic year, trials will take place to join a University level competitive sports team. If you represent Cambridge against Oxford in a major sport, you will be awarded a Blue, while other sports award Half Blues. Many teams also have a seconds team, so you may also still get to represent the university.

The JCR Room

The JCR has a pool table that is open for all to use as well as a projector. The TV room is next to the buttery and has a TV with a small number of seats which you can use as a study space.

The Laundry

tumble dryers and an electric iron and board. They used to all be token operated but from this year onwards, you will be charged a weekly fee to use them. Remember to buy your own washing powder/liquid or capsules. Washes last for around 40 mins and dryers for 50 mins, and please make sure to pick up your clothing and don’t leave them there the whole day as other people need to use the machines. Be sure to bring a laundry bag or basket to carry all your clothes.

The Library

The library is one of the highlights in college featuring a spiral staircase and so it is a very popular place to study. There are 3 printers that also acts as photocopiers and scanners that operate by tapping your Camcard on it. You can print them from one of the many computers or from your own laptop by installing some software- check the library website for this. It is 6p for A4 black and white, 18p for A4 colour.

Books are free to loan out and you can borrow as many as you would like. You can keep renewing them online as well. You will get a library induction in Fresher’s Week with more information.

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